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I would like to welcome You, who chose the path of Prananadi®!


First, to learn more about Prananadi®


The expression Prananadi® is a Sanskrit composit word. It’s first tag is prana ( प्राण ), which means: wind, vital force or energy. The second tag is nadi ( नराडी ), which means: vessel, pipe, flow, channel. When merging these two indivitual words, we get ‘universal vital energy channel’, what describes the essence of the method very accurately.


The meaning of prana: a universal principle that pervades space, and forms the trinity of absolute manifestation together with mind and matter. Prana is the force that is behind all activities within the body, it helps all functions that promote signs of life.


So prana exists in the air, water, food, etc. Living organisms take and use prana from these to sustain vital functions of the body.


The meaning of nadi: channel, flow, vessel, pipe. The nadis and chakras pick up vital energy from our environment, the cosmos and they transform it into vibration, that is essential for sustaining the physical and energy bodies.


The meaning of Prananadi®: Absolute energy channel, universal vital force channel.


Prananadi® is basically an ancient lay-on-hands method that helps harmonization and personal development (the concept is not alien to the Hungarian culture as our word ‘kezelés’ also stems from it). The positive effects that touch has on health and mental wellbeing were already proven by many modern Western researches.


According to the teachings of our lineage, the origin of the method is dated back to cc. 6700 years ago. The first written materials that mention natural remedies date back to cc. 3000 years ago.


Prananadi® has existed in Hungary since February 1993, when we first gave this name for this healing method. (It started off as Tibetan Reiki - to avoid any further misunderstandings, we came up with this name, too -, but the name had to be changed due to similarity with the name of other methods.)


The usage of the method of Prananadi® is regulated by strict ethical rules. Among other rules as such, it is prohibited to call this method as ‘healing’. It is also strictly prohibited to convince or advise anyone (who requested a treatment) to refuse any medical treatment or to stop taking prescribed medication. Furthermore it is a must that if the treated person has any suspected physical or mental illnesses, they should be referred to a medical professional.


The Prananadi® user

  • gives information, during which they rely primarily on the medical diagnosis and the information provided by the person seeking the treatment, secondarily on their own opinion and knowledge
  • cannot alter the therapy related to the medical diagnosis, and cannot advise anyone to stop with the medical treatment or taking the medications
  • gives a clear image that the Prananadi method® does not replace any medical research or treatment but complements and supports them
  • once notices any illnesses, they will immediately point out the necessity of medical research and diagnosis
  • cannot make any Prananadi® treatments (treatment, travelling) into a subject of any expected compensation


The effects of Prananadi®

It supports life-sustaining processes, it works well together as a complementery therapy with all medical treatments, taking effect on all levels. It accustoms itself to the personal needs of all living and non-living organisms. It supports personal development. It improves our positive attitude to other human beings, helping us to know ourselves better.


Prananadi® is not related to any religion so anyone can learn it or ask for a healing treatment.


I had the name Prananadi® and the complete technique protected by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office in 2004. This was essential for preserving this ancient technique along with the European laws, and to prevent any other methods to mingle with it that is not part of the tradition.


Based on the law 1997/XI., the copyright for PRÁNANADI® is added to the inventory of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office under the case number M0404801 and item number 188 739.


Based on the law 1997/XI., the copyright for PRÁNA® is added to the inventory of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office under the case number M1700304 and item number 223 111.


Based on the law 1997/XI., the copyright for NADI® is added to the inventory of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office under the case number M1700305 and item number 223 113.


Furthermore the full technique and practical methodology of Pránanadi® is protected and licensed under the following numbers and names.


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Contact: kommunikacio[at]pranasys.hu

Hungarian Patent Office registered Prananadi® 23rd February 2007 under number 188739. Patent is in force back from 30 November 2004. According to the act XI. of 1997. On the protection of trademarks and geographical indications, Article 1, paragraph (2) the word PRÁNANADI® is under protection, it can be used only with permission. Usage without permission is against the law.